Privacy Policy

July 1, 2016 Your privacy while interacting with Disrupted Logic and ctalyst® is important to us. As a part of our online operations, we may request your email address when you submit it to subscribe to our newsletter, post comments, or participate in special events. We may also request specific information including but not limited to your name and address if you sign up for our services. Federal Government regulations may also require you to comply with KYC and or FINTRAC regulations (anti-money laundering and or anti-terrorism funding). As a part of our media and advertising services, we require key information to enhanc your experience and enjoyment of our services. This information may include your email address, geographic location, access to certain mobile device functions and features, and other personal information related to creating a more immersive and enjoyable game play experience. We respect your privacy and we respect the trust that you put in us when you provide your information. Be assured that we do not share or sell your private information to third parties and we use best-practices to keep your information safe and secure. From time to time we may use your email address to contact you regarding site updates, news, information and any updates you should be aware of. This policy is effective as of July 1, 2016 and Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc. reserves the right to update and or change this policy at any time without notice or notification. Please check periodically for changes. This statement and policies outlined herein are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.
Aggregate Data Collection
The collection of any such data that may include personal information such as age, specific geographic location, gender, and or income is done through an aggregation method and is not personally identifiable to any specific individual or website visitor. The purpose of the collection of such information is to create statistical data about our products and services that can later be used to improve our products, product offerings and services. The data is also used to help improve your experience on our sites. Providing this information to us will always be voluntary. Individual content producers such as games or movies will provide specific information regarding their data collection and privacy policies and their use of the information will be subject to their privacy practices.
Aggregate Data Collection – CHILDREN
We take the privacy and the issue of child protection very seriously. It is also important for us to have a statistical understanding of the age of our user base so that we can fine tune our products to the demographic and further ensure our content is appropriate for that demographic. When collecting aggregate data about our user, the provision of such information shall always be voluntary, the information will never be personally identifiable to any specific individual, and children will only be able to provide an indication their age falls below a specific category such as “less than 13 years old”.
To enable key features in our products and or services such as social networking posting and sharing, our products or services on your mobile device may require access to your social networking account. We do not monitor, collect, store or share your account or login information with anyone whatsoever.
IP Address And Visitor Information
We collect certain information when visitors come to our website and or use our products or services. This information can include and is not limited to the type of computer or mobile device they are using, the operating system and or browser, mobile carrier, domain name of the Internet service provider, certain identifiers such as the unique device identifier, IP address and mobile device IP address, usage information and other such related information that helps us improve our website and service offerings, functionality, performance and content. Game players may also receive push notifications. These notifications are easy to manage and gamers can always manage notification and location preferences at any time by adjusting the settings on their mobile devices. If a gamer or media content recipient no longer wishes to have information collected by an application installed on their mobile device, they may uninstall the application at any time by using the standard uninstall processes available on the mobile device or via the mobile application marketplace or network.
Third Party Advertising
As an advertising network, we allow third parties to place advertisements within our network and serivce offerings. These advertisements are displayed by our Publisher and Developer clients within their products. Advertisers using Disrupted Logic's ctalyst® have created accounts, paid for the placements and strictly adhere to our Terms of Service Agreement. Advertisers and Publishers have access to and may collect and use aggregate information about user interactions within their mobile offerings to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and the relevance of their goods and services to you. They do not have access to your name, address, email, telephone number or any other personal information, and we do not share or sell your information to these or any other third parties. Mobile game developers using the ctalyst® voluntary opt-in User Registration systems do have access to your name, email address, age and location (providing you have chosen to opt-in to the User Registration system), and may from time to time contact you regarding various offerings and or updates.
Cookies, Third Party Cookies and Session Variables
In the course of serving our websites to you, we may place and or recognize a unique “cookie” or Session Variable on your browser.
The Internet and mobile content offer a world of opportunity for children. The additional measures we have taken to help children protect their privacy while using our services include encouraging children to use non-personally identifiable screen names rather than their real names and taking efforts to prevent children from posting contact or demographic information. We encourage parents and guardians to get involved and spend time with their child on the Internet and within mobile content including videos and games. Parental guidance and involvement are essential to help ensure that children have a safe and rewarding multi-media experience. A parent's efforts to instill responsible information practices will help steer their children to age-appropriate activities, and will go a long way toward ensuring that their children have enriching experiences online or while engaging with interactive content.
Children and Minors
Children’s privacy and safety online is extremely important to us at Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc. (“we,” “us,” “our”). We are committed to safeguarding children’s personal information submitted on our online and mobile services and applications and helping parents or guardians and children learn how to exercise control over personally identifiable information.
Children – The Information We Collect And How We Use It
To enable children to participate in and enjoy our products and or services, we may ask them to provide us with their first name, a user name, age (13 or less) and an e-mail address. For other activities that can include enhanced interactive and social networking features we may require the child to create and register an account with us. This account may require additional information, such as a username, password, and the e-mail address of the child’s parent or guardian so we can take additional actions, including letting the parent or guardian know of the child’s interest in the products or services, asking the child’s parent or guardian for permission to participate in that offering, and or providing instructions to the parent or guardian on how to register and activate their child’s account. We may also offer our users the opportunity to make purchases, such as merchandise or gifts for friends or family, redeem virtual points, receive coupons or participate in certain interactive features that may require visitors to provide full name, billing and mailing addresses, e-mail address, telephone number, and a credit card number. Before collecting information in connection with an e-commerce order, we may verify the validity of the purchaser’s credit card. On occasion, we might solicit additional voluntary information regarding shoppers’ personal shopping preferences. Certain interactive features may allow children to communicate with their friends and as such we may require personal information about other people. The extent of such information is generally limited to a first name, a user name, and or an email address.
Social Networking
Our service offerings include enhanced social networking features that permit users to communicate and interact via their social networks. Such interactions are always at the option, choice and discretion of the user. If a user interacts with any of our products, services or publisher content through third-party social media sites and applications, we may be required to access certain information from their social media account such as user name, profile picture, information about friends and followers, and content posted or viewed through the social media sites and applications. We may use this information to confirm identity, deliver personalized content or as a part of the operation of our services. When users make use of social media networking platforms and plug-ins, they share their information with the third-party social media sites and their use of the information will be subject to that social media site’s privacy practices.


Our products and services can be accessed, purchased, leased and or downloaded internationally. It may be necessary to transfer information provided to us internationally. The information provided by international visitors and users will likely be transferred and processed in either the United States or Canada. The data protection and other laws of other countries such as the United States or Canada may not be as comprehensive as those in the visitor’s home country. By visiting and using our site or using or products, services or engaging with our publisher's interactive content, visitors and users consent to their information being collected and used as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Visitors, users and game players are responsible for ensuring they have downloaded Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc.’s products and or services from authorized distribution points. As of July 1, 2016 the authorized websites for downloading our content include only Amazon App Store, Google Play, iTunes App Store and or or By downloading from un-authorized websites, torrents or other such pirated or stolen content providers, you bear all risk including the risk of your privacy, viruses or malicious software, identity theft, fraud, or other criminal and or harmful acts.
Contacting Us Regarding Privacy
Anyone with questions or comments regarding this privacy policy or to discuss the personally identifiable information we may have collected, or to have their information deleted and or updated, or to request there be no further use of their information can contact us at:

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