Who we are...

We are the Good Guys of advertising technology.

We're a passionate team of visionaries, computer scientists, artists, software engineers, technologist, media creators and business professionals.

What we do...

We make advertising fun again!

At Disrupted Logic, we're passionate about technology and love what we do. Advertising doesn't need to suck. It can be a rewarding, fun and exciting experience and to us, innovation is the key.

How we do it...

We get by with a little help from our friends.

Our supporters include the Canadian federal government, the government of British Columbia, the University of Victoria and world-class corporations, entrepreneurs and mentors.


Advertising that makes the entertainment experience better. It never interrupts, overwhelms or invades your screen.

Our philosophy...

Einstein said the definition of insanity is "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." And isn't it fair to say the advertising industry is insane?

Advertising hasn't changed since the dawn of time. Ads are annoying, interruptive and rarely provide any sense of real value to anyone. So why do they keep doing it that way? Because there's no other option!

And that's why we invented ctalyst®. ctalyst® is the better way.

Disrupted Logic's ctalyst® is the NEXT GENERATION of advertising. It's interactive, it's social, it's engaging and it never interrupts or annoys. An ad served by ctalyst® is always welcomed by the audience, because ctalyst™ ads are always relevant and fun.

ctalyst's legacy is founded on a wealth of world-class entertainment experiences and accomplishments in the motion picture, television and video game industries. Our heart and soul is centered around our core belief in pushing the boundaries while stepping outside our comfort zones to accomplish something truly extraordinary. The goal is incredibly important, but its also about the journey ... both of which are the result of our vision, passion and drive for technological innovation.

Imagine watching your favorite TV show and never seeing a single commercial!. Imagine playing your favorite video game, uninterrupted and without the fear of accidentally clicking something that whisks you away from the game to sell and pitch you something you don't want.

ctalyst® is the Next Generation of advertising and it's turning the advertising world on its head!

Our background...

We specialize in entertainment and interactive technology development for globally connected mobile and smart devices. Our target platforms include iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and HTML5. We focus on leading edge visual design, user interface development, database modelling and architecture, global networking, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and backend/frontend application frameworks for motion pictures, television and video games.

Simply put: we make your smart devices smarter and a whole heck of a lot more fun!


Gurjeet Matharu B.Sc

Lead Software Engineer

Gurjeet Matharu is Disrupted Logic‘s Lead Software Engineer and a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Computer Sciences and Engineering program. Gurjeet worked with RIM/Blackberry. He specializes in Machine Learning, Software Development and Computer and Machine Languages. Gurjeet is a huge fan of the Batman franchise.
  Factoid: Batman watches Saturday morning cartoons about Gurjeet.

Daman Dhillon B.Sc

Software Engineer

Daman Dhillon is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Computer Sciences and Engineering program. Daman has previously worked with PMC. Daman specializes in Programmatic Visual Imaging, Machine Learning, Software Development and Computer Languages.
  Factoid: When Daman drives a car off the lot, it’s value increases.

Jeff Sheremeta B.Comm, MBA

Corporate Secretary, Board Member

Jeff Sheremeta was a co-founder of VersaPay Corporation and acted as Chief Investment Officer and General Counsel. He has held board, executive and legal roles for start-up companies including mining, green technology and software development. Mr. Sheremeta was called to the BC Bar in 1998 and remains a member in good standing.
  Factoid: Jeff’s shadow has been on the best-dressed list ... twice!

Marianna Pinter


Marianna Pinter is a professional accountant who will receive her CGA, CPA and Bachelor of Commerce designations this year.. Marianna’s clients include publicly traded companies involved in mining, minerals and natural resources. For fun, Marianna enjoys traveling the world and experiencing what life and different cultures have to offer.
  Factoid: Marianna speaks French.

Jenn Lewis

Video Gaming & Movie Entertainment Advisor

Jenn Lewis is an entertainment professional with over three decades experience in Video Game Development & Motion Picture entertainment. She’s often found at GDC, TEDxVancouver and anywhere there is a story to tell. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, paddle boarding and kitesurfing.
  Factoid: Jenn once brought a knife to a gun fight just to even the odds.

Issa Traore PhD

Technology Consultant - Database & Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Issa Traore is the head of the University of Victoria’s Computer Sciences and Engineering Department. Dr. Traore specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Cognitive Computing. Dr. Traore also has a passion for aeronautics.
  Factoid: Dr. Traore once made a weeping willow laugh.

Sherif Saad PhD

Technology Consultant - Database & Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Sherif Saad is with the University of Victoria’s Computer Sciences and Engineering Department. Dr. Saad specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IT and Software Security and Software Development. Sherif shares our passion for developing cool, innovative technology.
  Factoid: Dr. Saad once won the Tour-de-France but was disqualified for riding a unicycle.

Director of Sales and Marketing

Shane Carling is a Multi Faceted Entrepreneur

His focus is Sales and Marketing, and has an extensive background in networking and team building. He has been able to mentor, teach and guide many people in business, and can usually be found speaking in the front of a room or to a big crowd.
  Factoid: Once Chuck Norris saw Shane walking towards him, Chuck Norris ran away like a little girl...

Tom Raycove MBA

Founder & CEO

Disrupted Logic was founded from a vision based on an undying passion for media and entertainment... and making it better.
With 35 years experience in film, television, marketing, and software and video games development, Tom is one of those rare individuals who is truly both an expert with creative tools and a business visionary.
  Factoid: Sharks have a week about Tom.


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