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Games, Movies, Mobile Apps, Television, Streaming Video, Video on Demand

ctalyst® is a developer friendly, mobile targeted ad network for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows mobile devices, apps and games

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Our intuitive dashboard offers quick and easy access to drag-and-drop plugins and SDK support for over 25 major game development engines including Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Gamemaker Studio, Shiva, Coco, XCode, CryEngine, Lumberyard, HTML 5, PC, Mac, Linux and so much more.

With dozens of in-depth video tutorials and hands-on personalized support, ctalyst walks you through the developer process of adding attractive, native, and genuine interactive CPM and CPA advertisements in your video games, apps, and mobile games.

App Advertising

ctalyst® supports multiple types of game and app advertising: Dynamic, Static, Interactive and Product Placements. Allowing advertisers and developers to unleash their creativity with in app advertising, supporting over 35 iAB ad formats.

Mobile Ad Network

ctalyst® is a developer friendly mobile ad network for Android and iOS apps and video games. Ads are delivered using ctalyst's AI, based on location, preferences, interests, device, time, and other demographic considerations.

Game Ads

ctalyst® delivers non intrusive game ads that are IN the game and are part of the game play experience, and NOT banner ads that annoy or stop the experience. With live support, tons of tutorials, and seamless integration ctalyst is a great no risk asset to any marketing or game dev strategy.

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